How to go & Attractions


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Muang district

Shrine of King Taksin The Great, Shrine of the City Guardian Spirit

King Taksin Park, Chanthaboon Waterfront Community

Wat-Pailom (Treatment Massage FEWA FAWE shop)

Somphak Garden (Organic fruit 100 years old mangosteen)

Roman Catholic Cathedral

Laemsingh district

Pliw waterfall, Laemsingh Beach, Ao krathing (Krathing Bay)

Ao Yang (Yang Bay), Oasis Seaworld

Thamai district

Chalao Beach, Laemsadet Beach, Ao Khung Krabane

(Khung Krabane Bay), Khung Wiman Beach, Wat-Khaosukim

Khao Kitchakut district

Krathing waterfall, Phluang Buddha's Footprint

Khao Kitchakut National Park

How to go to Banchan 9 Homestay


"Friendship occurs immediately when you stay at Banchan 9 Homestay."